Brass Etchings

Etched copper and brass plaques radiate an old world, traditional appearance. Because they are etched using a photo-chemical process, they are capable of producing fine artistic details and small letters in clear, relief. Characters and image may be raised or recessed.

Ordering Information
This custom product has several options.
Please contact us to discuss your project. We will be glad to provide a quote:

[email protected]
Phone & Fax: 330-633-9491

Please specify:

  1. what product and size you are interested in,
  2. whether it will be mounted indoors or outdoors,
  3. the content and layout (text and graphics),
  4. your expected delivery date.


Usage: Interior or Exterior
Material: Brass
Finishes: Standard or Antique (additional cost)
Mounting: Adhesive, Holes and Color Match Screws, Welded Studs (.25” thickness only), or Solid Wood Plaque Board (interior use only)
Thickness: .064″ or .25”
Sizes: Up to 17.5″ x 23.5″
Images: Must be etched from a black and white line drawing*

Additional Options:

  • Numerous shapes.
  • Additional color fills and Antique Finish.
  • Solid wood plaque board (indoor use only).

Please contact us for current pricing.

Base metal price does not include typesetting and layout (calculated according to the complexity of the project), shipping, and options such as antique finish, special shapes, etc.

Portrait photographs can be professionally sketched as a line drawing starting at about $200. Crosshatch style is also available.


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