Custom Bronze Plaques

Sacred Engraving carries the highest quality custom bronze plaques at affordable prices. The bronze metal markers are ideal for outdoor uses. Attractive and durable, the recognition plaques are a classic way to honor a donor, celebrate a loved one or dedicate a garden, plot, building or other architectural structure. When you engrave a special commemorative message in bronze, it instantly becomes a landmark that will last for generations.

With all of the customization options we offer for font styles, fill color and more, it’s easy to turn your vision into a permanent memorial marker reality. In designing your custom plaque, please limit text to a maximum of 2-3 characters per square inch (to calculate the area of your plaque in square inches, simply multiply width by height, e.g., 10” x 8” = 80 sq. in.).

See our guide below for size and other variables.

Ordering Information
This custom product has several options.
Please contact us to discuss your project. We will be glad to provide a quote:

[email protected]
Phone & Fax: 330-633-9491

Please specify:

  1. what product and size you are interested in,
  2. whether it will be mounted indoors or outdoors,
  3. the content and layout (text and graphics),
  4. your expected delivery date.


Usage: Interior or Exterior
Mounting: Corner Screws, Studs, Anchors, Post
Standard Sizes: Up to 40” x 30” (1200 sq. in.)
Thickness: Approx. .25″
Images: Cast from a black and white line drawing or black and white clip art*

Estimated Base Prices for Standard Rectangular Bronze Plaque, including Layout, Proof:

  • 3×5: $84.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 6×8: $231.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 8×10: $384.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 12×14: $807.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 16×20: $1536.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 24×20: $2304.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 24×36: $4148.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 40×30: $5760.00 + $.50/Letter

Available in numerous shapes and sizes. Please contact us for pricing information.

Please Note: Base price does not include custom artwork, stake/pole mount, and shipping,

*Portrait photographs can be professionally sketched as a line drawing starting at about $200.

Prices subject to change without notice.


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