“Simple & Affordable” Aluminum Plaques

Sample Fonts:  

Our Simple & Affordable Plaques are an inexpensive, but attractive and durable alternative to standard aluminum and bronze castings. To keep them affordable we keep them simple:  No custom logos, no images, no font substitutions or fancy colors (“just the text and nothing but the text”)!

Each plaque is cast in solid aluminum measuring 1/4″ thick, and features a satin finish, raised letters and border, on a textured, enamel background.  The entire piece is clear coated to inhibit tarnishing. The minimum letter size is .5″. Fonts include Caslon and Helvetica as shown below.



You will receive a layout of your inscription by email for your approval or correction.

Ordering Information
Custom aluminum products have many options.
Please contact us to discuss your project. We will be glad to provide a quote:

[email protected]
Phone & Fax: 330-633-9491

Please specify:

  1. what product and size you are interested in,
  2. whether it will be mounted indoors or outdoors,
  3. the content and layout (text and graphics),
  4. your expected delivery date.


Usage: Interior or Exterior
Finishes: Brushed Aluminum or Brushed Bronze (the bronze finish is a chemical colorant that will fade outdoors to natural aluminum after several years)
Mounting: Corner Screws or 24” Ground Post (.5” diameter)
Sizes: Standard Dimensions up to 10″ x 16″
Thickness: Approx. .25″

Estimated Base Price for Economy Rectangular Aluminum Plaques (most popular sizes):

  • 2 x 8: $78.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 4 x 10: $78.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 6 x 12: $141.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 8 x 14: $218.00 + $.50/Letter
  • 10 x 16: $312.00 + $.50/Letter

Bronze Finish: Add $.26 per sq. in.

Available in numerous intermediate sizes. Contact us for pricing.

24″ Stake Mount: $37.00 (includes welded bracket and 1/2″ diameter aluminum post)

Note: Two stakes are recommended for plaques over 14” wide.

Minimum letter size: .5″


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